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Winner of Novell’s CNE of the Year for 2005!



Qualification Highlights

 Excellent interpersonal/communication, management and team-building skills.  Demonstrated ability to develop, build, and maintain critical relationships involving clear communication, persuasion and diplomacy.

Demonstrated Success in all phases of the information systems life cycle.  History of implementing processes and procedures into an organization and having those plans scale as the company grows.

Highly Skilled in gathering and understanding customer requirements and translating them into program specifications.  Adept at obtaining and communicating customer perspective to entire project team.

Quick study who rapidly assimilates into organization and employs new ideas, concepts, methods and technologies to support business objectives. Proven ability to work efficiently in both independent and collaborative environments.

Broad understanding of technologies and their business impacts.  Track record of  leading people and project teams implementing technology programs using diverse technologies including:

Highly Motivated in getting the job done and able to work under pressure.

· Outsourced IT CTO/CIO for Hire

· Microsoft Server Implementations

· Novell to Microsoft Migrations

· Outsourced IT Management

· Project Management

· Microsoft to Novell Migrations

· Technical Department Manager

· Infrastructure Consulting

· Various Open source Migrations

· Technical Department Planning

· Disaster Planning

· Novell Identity Services (IDM, iChain)

· Disaster Recovery Team Manager

· Network Assessment Projects

· Novell GroupWise 5.x – 7.x

· Offsite Backup and Replication

· Vendor and Engineer Management

· Novell NetWare 5.x to 6.5

· Network Monitoring and Support

· Email Spam/AntiVirus Projects

· Novell OES Linux 1 & 2

· VMWare Enterprise Deployments

· Exchange 2003/2007 Installs

· Novell Integration Projects


Some Career Highlights

Managed Services Platform – Developed a platform to manage all customers in a managed environment where as our office is the “hub” for our customers with Reporting, and Remote Control access.

Hacker Attacks – Assisted in numerous instances where we needed to recover from hacker attacks to the infrastructure. Once breach has been dealt with, measures were put into place to prevent future attacks.

Virus Attacks – Assisted in cases where entire companies have been infected with multiple viruses due to lack of an anti-virus policy. Cleaned each and every machine and returned all systems back to normal operations. Put measures in place to prevent possible future attacks. In some cases installed hardware Antivirus gateways

Disgruntled Employees – Assisted companies in recovering entire volumes of data in which an employee had inadvertently or advertently deleted and purged all company data. There have even been cases where the customer has had no backup policy in place. Installed software and in some cases hardware to prevent such things from happening in the future. Implemented offsite backup procedures and system checklists.

Platform Conversions – Directed, Managed and Prefoemed platform conversions in case where customers wanted to maintain most aspects of their Novell Software and were forced to the Microsoft Windows Platform for one reason or another.

Services Manager Growth – Became services manager for Florida Based consulting firm, hired more employees and contractors to demand and drive new business leading to 33% Growth quarter over quarter. Worked with customer to manage these contracts and provide a higher level customer satisfaction level.





Novell's CNE of the Year!!